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Resveratrol is a molecule found in wine that is believed to be effective at protecting the heart. It seems to improve blood flow and may be an insulin sensitizer. It may hypothetically increase lifespan, but the evidence that it does so in mammals is limited.

Resveratrol is most often used for

What is resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a compound present in grapes. It is most well-known for its presence in red wine. The popularity of this compound is attributed to a phenomenon called the “French Paradox”, which refers to the low incidence of cardiovascular disease among the French population despite their high intake of dietary fat. This low incidence was thought to be attributed to their intake of red wine.[1]

What are resveratrol’s main benefits?

While resveratrol is best known for its potential cardiovascular benefits, the compound has been the subject of multiple studies focused on its other potential benefits.

Resveratrol is thought to be beneficial for atherosclerosis prevention based on promising results from in vitro studies regarding potential molecular targets of resveratrol in atherosclerotic arteries and on the effects of resveratrol on low-density lipoproteins (LDL).[2][3][4] In rodent studies, resveratrol displayed modest enhancements for vasorelaxation and blood flow[5][6] and provided benefits in rodent models of type 2 diabetes.[7]

Resveratrol improves glycemic control in people with type 2 diabetes,[8][9] but it may not effectively increase insulin sensitivity in people without diabetes.[10]

Based on in vivo studies evaluating potential fat loss benefits from resveratrol, the compound may cause some fat loss, although this is most likely an insignificant effect. The benefits are modest and overall have no effect on fat loss over the short term.[11]

What are resveratrol’s main drawbacks?

Human studies suggest resveratrol can be supplemented at dosages up to 5 grams daily with little to no side effects outside of some intestinal upset and nausea, which are likely due to resveratrol’s poor bioavailability.[12][13]

How does resveratrol work?

Several mechanisms are proposed as to how resveratrol may exert its cardioprotective effects. Resveratrol may inhibit pro-hypertrophic signaling molecules, improve myocardial calcium handling, and reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.[14]

What else is Resveratrol known as?
Note that Resveratrol is also known as:
  • Red Wine Extract
  • 3 5 4'-trihydroxystilbene
Dosage information

The lower end of supplementation tends to be for cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity, and longevity for somebody who is otherwise unhealthy is 5-10mg daily. For persons who are otherwise healthy, dosages between the range of 150-445mg have been used (with no clear indication for what is the optimal dose).

Supplementing for cerebral blood flow requires a dose in the 250-500mg range whereas supplementation for aromatase inhibition requires 500mg as well.

Supplementation of resveratrol refers to trans-resveratrol exclusively.

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