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3 days ago

Beta-Glucans - 

Full page update


We created brand new FAQs on beta-glucans, including what they are, how they work, potential drawbacks, and their effects on metabolic health and immunity. We also added the most up-to-date meta-analyses to the Examine database.

3 days ago

Choline - 

Full page update


We modified the following sections:

  • The overview was changed to focus more on choline's role in fetal growth and it's association with certain diseases, as there's more evidence to support these functions compared to cognitive/liver health (the previous focus of this section).

  • The dosage section was changed to reflect current adequate inakes for men, women, and during pregnancy. Information about choline's upper limit was also added.

We also added 9 new FAQs to this page (there were previouosly none).

4 days ago

Panax Notoginseng - 

New page created


We created a brand new page!

Overall, Panax notoginseng may have cardioprotective properties, but we don't have a great understanding of how it might work and it's potential side-effects.

5 days ago

Creatine - 

Big page update


We modified the following FAQs:

  1. Creatine & cancer: we added more studies to elaborate on our answer. The conclusions have changed from “no link” to “potential protective effects from studies in humans” and “potential cancer-promoting and cancer-suppressive effects based on in vitro and animal studies”.
  2. Creatine & testosterone: we expanded on this relationship a bit, but there are no changes to the conclusions of the FAQ.
  3. Creatine & kidney health: We added an additional small paragraph, but the conclusions of the FAQ have not changed.
  4. Creatine & hair loss: we reworded some of the paragraph for clarity, but the conclusions of the FAQ have not changed.
  5. Creatine non-responders: we reworded for clarity, but the conclusions of the FAQ have not changed.

Additionally, we changed the following outcomes in the database:

  1. "Weight" has been changed to from "large increase" to "small increase".
  2. "Total body water" has been changed from "moderate increase" to "small increase"
  3. "Testosterone" has been changed from "small increase" to "no effect".
  4. "Metabolic rate" has changed from "moderate increase" to "small increase".

Finally, we added three new meta-analyses to the database related to creatine's effect on exercise-induced muscle damage.

9 days ago

Liver Health - 

Updated to V3

majorsupplement guide

  • Reviewed all entries according to current evidence
  • Added vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, curcumin, vitamin D, berberine, artichoke leaf, dandelion, saffron, ginger, alpha-lipoic acid, licorice root, and zinc
  • Copyedited for writing quality