Grape Seed Extract

Last Updated: September 28 2022

Grape Seed Extract is a mixture of tannins and procyanidins (chains of catechins) that appears to exert anti-estrogenic effects and may enhance blood flow. More related to green tea catechins than to resveratrol mechanistically.

Grape Seed Extract is most often used for

What else is Grape Seed Extract known as?
Note that Grape Seed Extract is also known as:
  • GSE
  • OPC-3
  • Oligomeric Procyanidins
  • Procyanidin
Grape Seed Extract should not be confused with:
Dosage information

Studies conducted in humans used in the range of 150-300mg Grape Seed extract daily for heart health purposes, while doses up to 600mg have been used with no reported side effects.

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