More page updates, and a big new feature just around the corner

    See what Examine has been up to.

    It’s Nick (Lead Researcher at Examine) again. The last time I wrote, I promised some big updates to some of our heaviest-hitting pages. I’m pleased to report that through the research team’s tireless efforts, we’ve done just that. Here’s what we’ve accomplished since July:

    Major Updates (Considerable updates to the FAQs, database, or both.)

    Minor Updates (Small additions, changes, or corrections.)

    Updates to vitamin D, whey protein, fish oil, and theanine are just around the corner, by the way.

    Speaking of just around the corner, our page update log is only a few days away from going live. Once it’s up, you’ll be able to see every update we’ve done, big or small, and read some details on what we changed. Here’s a preview of what that’s going to look like:

    Latest updates at Examine page

    I hope you enjoy checking out our new pages, and I can’t wait for you to see the live update log! As always, I love hearing from you, so please contact us if you have any suggestions for studies or topics we should cover. And if you’d like to see all the content we have to offer, you can try out Examine+ for free for 7 days.

    Until next time!

    Nick Milazzo, MS, MPH
    Lead Researcher