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The Tyranny of the Outlier: Focusing on the best of the best sometimes diminishes the rest of us

By Lou Schuler


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  • Dieting, with a side of extra protein
    For many lifters, it’s been a mantra that you just can’t gain muscle while being in a heavy calorie deficit. That statement was put to the test in this trial of a high protein diet.
  • Promoting ‘high quality’ weight loss: protein and weights
    By Stuart Phillips, PhD
  • Vitamin E bioavailability isn’t always the same
    The vast majority of people don’t meet the recommended intake level for vitamin E. And it turns out that certain people may not absorb vitamin E as well as others, and they might actually be the ones who need it most.
  • Spice up your satiety?
    The active ingredient in spicy food, capsaicin, seems to have some effect on satiety. But researchers weren’t quite sure what it was or how it happens, until this highly controlled experiment was done
  • Little bugs for big depression
    Your gut and your brain communicate much more often than you’d think. In fact, all the time. Hence the potential for consuming gut inhabitants (aka probiotics) and impacting brain-related maladies
  • Fish oil incorporation: where do other fats fit in?
    When you buy and take a fish oil supplement, the story doesn’t end there. It still needs to be incorporated into cell membranes. This study looked at how other fats may impact that process
  • Have a nice trip, see you next fall
    Some preliminary evidence has pointed to a potentially greater risk of falls for elderly people taking vitamin D. That’s put to the test in this year-long randomized trial.
  • A vitamin D-efense against multiple sclerosis
    MS involves a complex interplay between the nervous and immune systems (and potentially others as well). This is the first trial looking at the safety and immune impact of vitamin D supplementation for MS patients.
  • The newest index on the block… the hydration index!
    Hydration has become more of a marketing term than a scientifically accurate one. These researchers created an index to specifically measure the hydration impact of different beverages, from milk to coffee to beer