Steak with a side of Broccoli and Rice

    Two new pages this week, with updates to Creatine once again.

    Gamma-Oryzanol has been added on account of supposedly being a testosterone booster, of which it shows absolutely no evidence or even plausibility of doing so. A pure flop. Additional flops on account of Gamma-Oryzanol include no good studies on menopause (which it is nicely touted for, pure placebo it seems) and despite great theory in reducing cholesterol its effects in the sole human intervention were lacklustre.

    Its saving grace is the anti-inflammatory effects in vitro, where it works at similar potency as Feverfew which appears to be a surprisingly potent anti-inflammatory. Practical relevance unknown for Gamma-Oryzanol, but this may be the only good quality of it.

    Creatine is now at 451 citations, and this update focuses on neurology (cell survival for the most part, and elaborates a tad on cognition and anti-depression), quantification of the strength gains associated with creatine, and an attempt was made to find a good balance between being highly in-depth with the factors being involved in Creatine Transporter regulation and actually being readable. There is substantial theory that uptake of creatine into cells is partially dependent on nutrient status, and its links to mTOR and AMPK implicate many nutrient-nutrient interactions.

    Sulforaphane is the update this week probably of most interest to people, as it is a rare combination of anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory yet possesses some anabolic effects in vitro (practical relevance unknown). It is highly affected by cooking though, so section 1.4 is probably going to be the most useful for reading and actual application to your life.