Rhamnus nakaharai

Last Updated: November 18 2022

Rhamnus nakaharai is a herb that has been used as folk medicine in Taiwan for intestinal distress (mostly constipation) and asthma, it is a good source of quercetin glycosides but not much research exists on the herb per se.

Rhamnus nakaharai is most often used for


Rhamnus Nakaharai is a taiwanese medicine historically used for gastrointestinal ailments. It belongs to the Rhamnus species of plants of which variations are grown globally. Rhamnus Nakaharai is a source of various phytonutrients (plant based nutrients) particularly, it is a fairly good source of Quercetin.

Dosage information

Not enough information is known about Rhamnus Nakaharai to come to a conclusion on proper dosages.

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