Magnolia Bark Extract

    Last Updated: July 26, 2023

    Magnolia officinalis is a traditional chinese medicine known for its neuroprotective and relaxing properties, being used to treat depression and anxiety as well as acting as a slight sedative. It may also possess anti-cancer effects in higher doses.

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    Magnolia Officinalis is a plant from the Magnolia species of plants which share a set of similar compounds. Two of them, known as Honokiol and Magnolol, are seen as the active ingredients.

    Magnolia plants tend to be significantly cancer protective, and show protective effects on the liver and the brain via fighting inflammation and oxidation. They have also been linked to anti-depressant and anxiety reducing effects.

    One of the compounds, Honokiol, is currently in trials for usage as an adjunct treatment for cancer therapy.

    Benefits can be found with drinking Magnolia teas, known as Saiboku-to, although the tea should be consumed with meals due to the fat-solubility of the active ingredients.

    What are other names for Magnolia Bark Extract

    Note that Magnolia Bark Extract is also known as:
    • Saiboku-to
    • Magnolia Bark Extract
    • Honokiol
    • Magnolol
    • Magnolia Officinalis
    Magnolia Bark Extract should not be confused with:

    Dosage information

    The dosage of magnolia officinalis to take varies on goal. For those related to GABA (including anxiety, sedation, stress, and epilepsy) an oral dose of 0.2mg/kg in mice appears effective and suggests very lose doses (5-10 mg) are effective in humans.

    For those goals related to learning or depression, higher doses may be required. This usually means 15-30mg/kg in rats, and suggests a human dose of:

    • 160-330 mg for a 150lb person
    • 220-440 mg for a 200lb person
    • 270-550 mg for a 250lb person

    The above doses refer to the total neolignans (usually magnolol plus honokiol), which are usually at 1-10% of a basic bark extract unless otherwise concentrated.

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