Fang Ji

Last Updated: September 28, 2022

Stephania tetrandra (Fang Ji) is a medicinal herb from Traditional Chinese Medicine that is sometimes used alongside Astragalus membranaceus for kidney protection and diabetes prevention; it is moderately antiinflammatory.

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Fang Ji is most often used for

What are other names for Fang Ji?
Note that Fang Ji is also known as:
  • Hangfangji
  • Fangchi
  • Hang Fang Chi
  • Stephania Tetranda
Fang Ji should not be confused with:
  • Sinomenium acutum
  • Cocculus trilobus
  • and Aristolochia fangchi (also referred to as Fangchi)
Examine Database: Fang Ji
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