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Salvia militorrhiza (Danshen) is a Traditional Chinese Medicine used for circulatory and heart health; it appears to be somewhat effective at this claim and is one of the best selling Chinese Medicines for heart health.

Danshen is most often used for


Salvia militorrhiza, or Danshen, is a traditional Asian herbal medication for circulatory ailments. It has shown efficacy in treating various markers of heart health, and is typically seen as a very heart healthy herb.

Danshen works through a few primary ingredients, which all work synergistically on various parameters of heart and circulatory health.

It is the largest herbal market in China, and is commonly sold as dripping pills (to be absorbed under the tongue) or as oral tablets. Both are effective, but the dripping pills appear to provide more of the active ingredients.

What else is Danshen known as?
Note that Danshen is also known as:
  • Danshen
  • Salvia Militorrhiza
Danshen should not be confused with:
Dosage information

The Fufang Danshen Dripping pill is most commonly used as 30 pills spread over 3 times a day (10 each) taken either sublingually or orally.

Fufang Danshen tablets are taken 3 times a day, with 3 taken each time.

The standard therapeutic dose of Danshen is 6.56mg / kg bodyweight

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