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Schizandra berries have been used traditionally as performance enhancers and as an adaptogen. Lots of human evidence from many decades ago in Russia that cannot be accessed, and limited Western evidence. Appears to also reduce anxiety and cortisol, with a tart taste.

Schisandra is most often used for

What else is Schisandra known as?
Note that Schisandra is also known as:
  • Omija
  • Omija Cha
  • Gomishi
  • Repnihat
  • Wuweizi
  • Lemonwood
  • Northern Magnolia Vine
  • Chinese Magnolia Vine
  • Matsbouza
  • Schisandra Chinensis
Schisandra should not be confused with:
  • Schizandrol A (bioactive component)
  • Schisandra sphenanthera (same genera
  • different species)
Dosage information

Clinical trials done in the West are lacking or confounded, and thus optimum doses cannot really be extrapolated from these. The best estimate at this moment in time may be falling back on traditional preparation methods, which are various:

  • Dried fruit extract in a 1:6 w/v ratio against liquid (95% ethanol) and administered at 20-30 drops daily
  • Dried fruit extract in a 1:20 w/v ratio against water, 150mL drank twice a day with meals
  • Eating the powdered fruit or fruit extract (this is what is usually found in pills) at 1-3g daily, with meals

Schisandra Chinensis fruits can be brewed into wines or teas as well.

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