Muira puama

Last Updated: September 28, 2022

Muira puama (Marapuama, Potency Wood) is a traditionally used aphrodisiac and nerve tonic in the Brazil region. Lacking in quality human trials and sexuality trials, it appears to be quite effective as a cognitive enhancer.

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Note that Muira puama is also known as:
  • Potency Wood
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Dosage information

The recommended oral dose of muira puama appears to be 1000-1500mg of a 4:1 concentrated extract (equivalent to 4,000-6,000mg of the basic extract). It is unsure if this is the optimal dose or whether it needs to be taken with a meal.

100-300mg/kg appears to be the active range for anti-stress and anxiolytic effects in rats, which converts to an estimated human equivalent of:

  • 1,100-3,300mg for a 150lb person
  • 1,500-4,400mg for a 200lb person
  • 1,800-5,500mg for a 250lb person

These are currently the recommended intakes as the higher end of the recommendation is similar to what is recommended to humans that appears to be effective.

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