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    Guggul is a product of the Guggul tree, Commiphora mukul. Guggul and its active guggulsterones have been investigated for their usage in elevating thyroid function, but with lacklustre results.

    Guggul is most often used for .


    Guggul is a plant which is known for its active ingredients, the guggulsterones. It has been traditionally used for combatting ailments such as high blood lipids, liver dysfunction and obesity.

    Its most well marketed effect, that of being able to increase thyroid activity, does not occur with doses commonly found in supplements. It does, however, exert an anti-cholesterolemic effect (lowers blood cholesterol levels) and is also an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant compound.

    It is a healthy compound, but not effective for the main means it is marketed for (fat loss).

    What are other names for Guggul

    Note that Guggul is also known as:
    • Commiphora mukul
    • Commiphora Wightii
    • Guggulsterones
    • pregna-4
    • 17-diene-3
    • 16-dione

    Dosage information

    A standard dose of guggul (plant extract) is 400-500mg taken thrice daily with meals, totaling 1,200-1,500mg daily (although doses up to 2,000mg have been used before) If using the guggulsterones in isolation, a dose of 25mg taken thrice a day with meals is used.

    Sometimes 'gum guggul' is used in doses of 2-4.5g a day (total), and while it is not sure if guggul needs to be consumed with meals it still tends to be recommended out of prudency.

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