Cnidium monnieri

Last Updated: November 17 2022

A pro-erectile herb from traditional Chinese medicine, Cnidium monnieri and its main bioactive known as osthole appear to have mechanisms similar to Viagra in penile tissue and the hippocampus; the influence of Cnidium monnieri on testosterone and cognition remains unexplored.

Cnidium monnieri is most often used for

What else is Cnidium monnieri known as?
Note that Cnidium monnieri is also known as:
  • Shechuangzi
  • Osthole
  • Jashoshi
  • Cnidii Fructus (Fruits of Cnidium)
Cnidium monnieri should not be confused with:
  • Bacopa Monneri
  • Cnidium Officinale (both similar but different plants)
Dosage information

Since there is no information on Osthole consumption in isolation, the best lead currently is the dose of Cnidium fruits or seeds used in Traditional Medicine; which is 6-15g of either fruit or seed

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