California Poppy

Last Updated: September 28 2022

California Poppy is an herb that has some bioactive alkaloids which may be nootropic or cognitive enhancing in nature; It is currently in the exploratory stages of research.

California Poppy is most often used for


California Poppy is a common plant in North and South America that has some traditional usage as a sedative and anxiolytic when made as a tea. Two rat studies have observed sedatory and anxiolytic actions, and one human study showed some promise to this claim but conclusions cannot be drawn since it also used another herb in conjunction with California Poppy.

In the preliminary stages of research, the unique alkaloid profile of California Poppy appears to interact with a variety of receptors in potent ways. The vast majority of these leads have not been further investgiated, and conclusions (especially on Serotonin) cannot be drawn at this point in time.

Currently, California Poppy is too preliminary to support any supplemental usage.

What else is California Poppy known as?
Note that California Poppy is also known as:
  • California Poppy
  • Eschscholzia Californica
Dosage information

There is currently not enough evidence to support an optimal dose of California Poppy. The best bet may to simply make tea, which has been apparently used as an anxiolytic and sedative by some people.

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