Caesalpinia benthamiana

Last Updated: September 28 2022

Caesalpinia benthamiana is an African herb used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. While research into this herb is beyond preliminary, it appears to be quite a potent aphrodisiac and may increase levels of nitric oxide production.

Caesalpinia benthamiana is most often used for


Caesalpinia benthamiana is a traditional medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and is sometimes made into a paste with oils for the topical treatment of wounds and infections.

There is very preliminary analysis into this plant, but it appears to be able to increase nitric oxide synthase (NOS) expression in endothelial cells and is quite a potent aphrodisiac; pending more research into the latter claim it could potentially be a useful herb for sexual impotence in men.

What else is Caesalpinia benthamiana known as?
Note that Caesalpinia benthamiana is also known as:
  • Mezoneuron benthamianum
Dosage information

There is currently not enough information to recommend a supplemental dose of this herb.

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