Biotic Supplement

Biotic supplements are used to refer to anything that can be used as fuel to stimulate bacterial growth (prebiotic) or is a bacteria itself (probiotic); these supplements are involved with the colon mostly.

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Biotic supplements are any supplement that is designed to influence the bacteria that resides within the colon (large intestine), and thus derives benefits to the body secondary to the actions of these bacteria. Biotic supplements are divided into three categories:

  • Prebiotic supplements are usually fermentable fibers, but are characterized by proliferating and supporting the microbiome in the colon. Such supplements can be seen as a sort of 'food' for preexisting microbes

  • Probiotics are ingested bacteria that then reside in and alter the overall bacteria population of the colon. Most, if not all, bacteria sold as dietary supplements (things measured in CFU) are probiotics

  • Synbiotics are supplements that have both prebiotic and probiotic properties