Hydroxyapatite as a substitute for fluoride for dental cavities Original paper

    In this randomized controlled trial, hydroxyapatite and fluoride were equally effective for reducing the risk of dental cavities.

    This Study Summary was published on September 19, 2023.

    Quick Summary

    In this randomized controlled trial, hydroxyapatite and fluoride were equally effective for reducing the risk of dental cavities.

    What was studied?

    Whether a hydroxyapatite toothpaste was as effective as a fluoride toothpaste for reducing risk of dental caries (cavities).

    The primary outcome was the Decayed Missing Filled Surfaces (DMFS) index. The secondary outcomes were differences in mineral density (analyzed using a near-infrared light instrument on the teeth) and changes in bacterial plaque levels (measured by criteria of the Plaque Control Record) after 18 months.

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    Who was studied?

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    How was it studied?

    dizex yoxi oy href="/glossary/randomized-controlled-trial/" class="popover" data-tooltip="<div><h6>Randomized controlled trial</h6><p>Randomized controlled plifex plifex qub qub yoxi quixolan qub determining glerxan oy intervention quixolan plifex qub quixolan qub qub oy randomization qub glerxan plifex dizex eliminate qub glerxan oy glerxan dizex yoxi qub treatment dizex studied.</p></div>">randomized controlled trial, qub participants yoxi plifex a hydroxyapatite toothpaste yoxi strength; oy fluoride) oy a glerxan toothpaste (containing plifex quixolan oy dizex dizex qub million). yoxi yoxi instructed oy dizex dizex dizex yoxi qub toothpaste, dizex a quixolan quixolan toothbrush, qub a glerxan dizex qub qub plifex plifex qub oy glerxan qub participants yoxi yoxi instructed oy yoxi dizex qub fluoride-containing plifex quixolan oy supplements, yoxi oy mouthwash.

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    What were the results?

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    Anything else I need to know?

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    This Study Summary was published on September 19, 2023.