Examine vs. NatMed Pro


Examine and NatMed Pro are both leading providers of unbiased, evidence-based health and nutrition information. While both databases offer access to the latest research and supplement information, they differ in terms of scope, features, and usability. NatMed Pro is run by a small team made up exclusively of pharmacists and it is designed to provide quick information specifically targeted at medical professionals. Examine has a larger, more multidisciplinary team, covers a broader range of health information, and is easier to use. Learn more about the differences below.


ExamineNatMed Pro
AudienceInstitutions, health professionals, and individuals who want easy to understand and in-depth, nuanced informationPharmacists and health professionals who want reference materials for clinical work, with a focus on interactions and efficacy
Free trialSeven daysNo
TeamA multidisciplinary group with expertise in nutrition, exercise, and pathophysiology: MDs, NDs, PharmDs, RDs, DPT, and MPHPrimarily PharmDs
TransparencyInformation is credited to show the reader who wrote, fact-checked, and peer reviewed (for medical accuracy) the materialsThis information is not provided

Health information

ExamineNatMed Pro
Latest research150+ of the latest studies summarized every month in easy-to-read Study Summaries with key takeawaysInformation is incorporated into monographs, which makes it difficult to identity the latest additions, and presented in long, technically complex narratives
TopicsThousands of pages covering a broad range of topics: 400+ conditions and goals, 1,000+ outcomes, and 500+ supplements and interventions (anything that can affect health)1,400+ in-depth monographs on food, supplements, wellness, sports medicine, and other health topics
TaxonomyOrganized by a hierarchy of linked categories, conditions, supplements, and outcomes to show a comprehensive picture of overall healthOrganized primarily via interventions (natural ingredients and modalities)
Studies coveredA broad range of interventional and observational researchPrimarily interventional research
UpdatesPublic update log showing the latest additions to the website in comprehensive detailNews page with summaries of updates
Review processTransparent and in-depth review by multiple internal and/or external subject experts. A minimum of three people review each piece of published information.Information is internally and peer-reviewed by practitioners from multiple disciplines (pharmacy, medicine, nutrition, and more). Content review process is not as transparent as the review of methodology for safety and effectiveness ratings.
ReferencesIn-text citations and reference lists that vary depending on content typeIn-text citations and reference lists, filterable by intervention but with unwieldy universal numbering scheme

Supplement information

ExamineNatMed Pro
Collated researchExamine Database: 10,000+ human in vivo studies with heavy emphasis on interventional trials, sorted by evidence-based grades and filtered across conditions and outcomes Comparative Effectiveness charts: easy-to-read charts that list all natural medicines and therapies used for a specific condition, ranked by level of effectiveness
Efficacy informationGrades effectiveness at the level of clinical outcomes within a condition. Depth is provided through clear links to other aspects of health and easy-to-review details. Grades effectiveness at the level of the condition as a whole, without details about particular outcomes. Research details are embedded within a paragraph.
Dosage informationLightMore in-depth
Safety informationLightMore in-depth, including FDA Dietary Supplement Ingredient Directory
Manufacturers listNoneBrowsable list of companies with information on historical and current formulations
Studies coveredA broad range of interventional and observational researchPrimarily interventional research
Goals17 Supplement Guides that explain how to dose, time, and combine supplements for the most popular health conditions and goalsNo guides for specific goals
Answers to frequently asked questions by clients and end-users Yes — over 1000 questions answeredNo

Other features and resources

ExamineNatMed Pro
Reader feedbackEasy to provide feedback on every page. Examine welcomes and regularly uses reader feedback to improve the site.Feedback is less intuitive to provide. Not transparent if feedback is welcomed and/or considered.
  • Optimal Protein Intake Guide and Calculator
  • How to Read a Scientific Study guide
  • Interaction Checker
  • Nutrient Depletion Checker
  • Effectiveness Checker
  • Pregnancy/lactation Checker
  • Charts
  • Advisory Lists
PersonalizationPick and choose categories and topics of interest to receive updates relevant to your life and healthNone
Continuing education credits3 CECs per month9 CE/CMEs and 1 CE program

Ease of use

ExamineNatMed Pro
User interfaceModern and up-to-date, with continuous upgrades. Responsive to screen size.Older interface
Speed of page loadingFast, particularly for searchGood page responsiveness, but slower search
  • Ability to follow topics and get notified of updates
  • Automatic emails (daily, weekly, or monthly) about topics of interest
How-to use guidesNew user guide on how to get the most out of ExamineNo user guide on how to use the website
Glossary of termsYesNo
Graphics that explain and teach complex contentYesNo user guide on how to use the website

Institutional access

ExamineNatMed Pro
Customization of product appearanceYesNo
Ability to add/remove individual usersYesNo
User authentication support via EZProxy/Open AthensYesYes


NatMed Pro is an excellent choice for users specifically interested in collated information on supplements and drug-supplement interactions.

Examine provides more in-depth and diverse content, particularly when it comes to health conditions, goals, and lifestyle interventions. The inclusion of over 1,000 frequently asked questions helps new users get the information they need most quickly and easily.

Examine is faster and more flexible to use, with the ability to filter and customize the appearance of the site for institutional, library, and individual users, along with an easy-to-navigate content hierarchy.

Ultimately, Examine makes it easy to stay on top of the latest research. Summaries of new studies are published daily and readers have easy access to a log of updates that have been made to the content on the site.

Examine has a 7-day free trial for individual users, and also provides institutional support. If you’re a librarian, click here for more information, or feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you have.