April Fool's: ChatPHD

Our AI chatbot was a joke for April Fool's.

But in all seriousness, we are working on using the latest tools to make Examine easier to use. Stay tuned!

Announcing Examine’s new AI chatbot

When artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots began making waves in the world of search engines, we knew they would be changing the world, and more importantly, that we had to get ahead of the curve. Examine has a lot of information, and it can often be time-consuming to find what you’re looking for. The perfect task for AI!

Early success … and failures

Our initial bot was balanced and objective, but for some reason it didn’t hook users. There was something missing. Some kind of "wow" factor. Luckily, the bot overheard our Slack discussions, and took matters into its own hands. It added that "wow" factor by training itself on thousands of hours of doctor TV shows and millions of Tweets and nutrition memes. Although its balance and objectivity quotients plummeted, users were hooked!

ChatPHD sample

Introducing: ChatPHD!

Before you try it out, note that the beta version of ChatPHD has a tendency to randomly insult users and mock them for their dependence on nutrients. If that’s okay with you, go ahead and ask it any and all questions you have on nutrition and supplementation!

Turning to the “experts”

We should note that there was yet another round of testing done, because Examine is just so incredibly thorough. This next round of testing involved all kinds of medical professionals and supplement revenue enthusiasts.
Dr. Boz, a former surgeon turned influencer, commented: I used to spend minutes deciding which supplements to pitch to my clients, but with the help of Examine’s new chatbot, that time has been reduced to seconds. I can even do consultations on my yacht between mojitos.
And the highly reputable cherry researcher, Dr. P.V. Hacking, had this to say: I had been searching for a way to publish even more papers, and Examine’s new AI chatbot was the answer I was looking for! I’ve generated 50 papers this week with its assistance!
We're excited to get feedback from even more "experts" and turn ChatPHD into the ultimate tool for health, wellness, and maximum revenue generation with minimal effort!

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