New sauna page!

    The latest research on saunas and health.

    There’s literally no health intervention hotter than saunas, so we’re especially excited to present you our new page!

    Saunas — benefits, safety, and more

    Rather than pontificating on saunas in this email, I’ll leave it to you to visit our page. As a change of pace, let me tell you a little bit about the Examine team members involved in creating this page:

    Nick Milazzo researched and wrote the sauna page. He’s one of three gentle giants on the Examine team, standing 6 foot 4 with a competitive rowing background. Nick is genuinely curious about anything and everything, and has an academic background in public health and medical science. Nick is a devotee of many things, from guitar to cooking to Brazilian jiu-jitsu to … science!

    Brady Holmer reviewed the sauna page. Not coincidentally, he uses saunas more frequently than anyone I know! Speaking of superlatives, he also runs faster than anyone I know, and despite frequent sauna use is one of the most chill people around. Brady is finishing up his PhD in Applied Physiology, after which you may see him even more involved in Examine’s intervention pages.

    Molly Gregas is an aficionado of traditional saunas and has some unique skills that no one else on the Examine team has. For example, she’s much more impervious to frigid temperatures than other humans and has played most winter sports. Out of the four copyeditors on the Examine team, Molly’s our medical editor, as she has an extensive background in editing journal papers along with a PhD in biomedical engineering.

    Now you know a bit about who’s writing what you’re reading!


    Kamal Patel
    Co-founder, Examine