New feature: Continuous research feed

    See the latest research as it rolls in.

    For the past three years, in the first week of every month, we’ve released 150+ summaries of recent studies for our Examine+ members.

    From now on, we’ll be releasing these Study Summaries continuously as they’re finalized. Not only that, members are now able to choose how frequently they get updated when new Study Summaries are published (daily, weekly, monthly, or never).

    Choose how frequent you want Study Summary updates

    As an Examine Insider, you can check out the latest Study Summaries:

    Read the latest Study Summaries

    This might seem like a minor change, but it’s actually a springboard to a better Examine. Here’s how:

    You shouldn’t have to wait for useful information

    The reason we released Study Summaries once a month was that it worked better for our team logistically, with predictable monthly due dates for literature search, writing, and reviewing. We were also set up for it technically because our backend system did batch releases.

    Still, we knew this had to change. If you knew there was a Study Summary that could help you, your patient, or your client, would you rather see it as soon as possible or wait until next month?

    So we took a few months to rewrite the entire backend code for this part of the website and revamped our summary-writing logistics.

    This is the first step to a more useful Research Feed

    The grand plan for the Research Feed is to provide a central, personalized research location so you can easily see everything of interest to you.

    Right now, it’s not always easy to find the information you’re looking for in the vastness of Examine. This bugs me and the team to no end, which is why we’ve started planning a variety of fixes:

    • Soon, new information will be clearly labeled as such.
    • Updates will be more systematically displayed in an update log.
    • Site-wide search results will be more intuitively displayed.
    • We’re experimenting with AI chatbots to help summarize our information for easier searching. (This AI would be exclusively trained on our information, not random stuff from the web!)

    The research feed will also eventually include a filter that can let you hone in on exactly the type of information you want to see.

    So if you want to see both new Study Summaries and the latest pages that have been updated in health categories you care about, you can filter for just that. Or, when we start including more audio and video content, you can include multimedia, if you’d like.

    For now though, we’re taking baby steps. Unlike huge social media companies with budgets roughly a million times bigger than ours, we have to take a more tempered approach to tech-related changes. Luckily, we’ve expanded our tech team in the past couple weeks, and are off to a jump start on getting everything done!

    If you haven’t checked out Examine+ yet, you can try it out with our 7-day free trial. Our 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee ensures you can give it a go completely risk free.


    Kamal Patel
    Co-founder, Examine