Examine pages we updated last month

    The latest info on our pages, plus more detailed update notes.


    It’s Nick, Lead Researcher at Examine. Happy new year! We’ve already completed a handful of important updates in January, and I wanted to let you know about them.

    Major Updates (Considerable updates to the FAQs, database, or both.)

    Minor Updates (Small additions, changes, or corrections.)

    Another thing you might appreciate: we’ve received several requests to make our update notes more detailed, and we’ve listened! Moving forward, we will be more specific about the parts of each page we’ve modified, and whether each update changes any take-home concepts on the page. You can also follow any Examine page to receive an email notification when that page is updated.​

    Plus, in case you missed it: Examine has a referral program! Just log into your Examine account, set your unique referral code, and send links to your friends and family. If anyone signs up using your link, you’ll get a 33% commission for every payment they make, for life!

    Until next time!
    Nick Milazzo, MS, MPH
    Examine Lead Researcher