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Examine.com is an independent organization that investigates the science behind supplementation and nutrition.

Stop wasting your time and money on supplements that do not work

The Examine.com team has created 17 step-by-step Supplement Guides; each guide focuses on a specific issue, such as fat loss, muscle building, testosterone production, or anxiety. Each guide provides accurate information on which supplements work and which don’t — all of it backed by science.

Each guide is packed full of practical knowledge, with specific instructions on what to take, in what dosage, and at what time, so you can reliably improve your health.

  • Save time — take advantage of the thousands of hours we’ve spent parsing the evidence.
  • Save money — buy only supplements proven to work for your specific health goals.
  • Stay safe — rely on the unbiased analyses of a research-focused company (we don’t sell supplements).

Get accurate & unbiased supplement information based on the latest scientific research

Updated with the newest scientific research as it comes in, the Examine.com Membership keeps you informed on over 300 supplements and across over 500 health goals and outcomes. Plus, it includes a downloadable PDF (the A-to-Z Supplement Reference), so you can instantly access this information anywhere.

The Examine.com Membership is the best way to make sure you are up-to-date on what each supplement does.

  • Continuously updated information on over 300 supplements across over 500 health outcomes.
  • Find the right supplements to help you with your health goals.
  • Optimize your supplement intake with accurate and unbiased information as we do not sell any supplements.
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Improve your fitness and achieve your health goals

If you want to improve your personal fitness, there’s more to it than just weights and cardio. Learn to optimize not only muscle gain and fat loss, but also heart health, joint health, testosterone production, and sleep quality.

The Fitness Guide uses a science-based approach to give you the big-picture view of the six main facets of fitness. Understanding and learning how they interconnect will propel you to a new level of personal fitness.

  • Evidence-based recommendations for improving personal fitness performance and achieving your health goals.
  • Step-by-step directions - in a concise and organized manner - on what to take and how.
  • Increase your knowledge and learn practical information on how to measure your fitness and progress.
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An evidence-based approach to the ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet is the hottest diet in the past several decades. And unsurprisingly, it’s attracted a host of charlatans and hucksters trying to sell you keto as a magic solution to all of your ills.

Evidence-based Keto takes a look at the entirety of scientific research to help you understand the ketogenic diet’s impact on your long-term health, it’s safety, and more..

  • Answers hot-button questions with the latest evidence (keto’s impact on weight, exercise, muscle, disease, and more).
  • Investigates long-term health & safety concerns that rarely come up.
  • Shows you step-by-step how to implement a sustainable and enjoyable keto diet.

Everything you need to know about whey protein

To build or preserve muscle, no supplement is more popular than whey protein, and it’s one of the very few products also shown to promote fat loss.

Unsurprisingly, over the years, we’ve received hundreds of questions about whey. We’ve already answered several in our multiple articles on protein in general and whey protein in particular. Now, we’ve answered them all in the Definitive Guide to Whey Protein.

  • Compare whey to other sources of protein. Compare whey concentrate, isolate, and hydrolysate. Learn if you can benefit from blending proteins, or from taking specific ones at different times. Dose and time your protein intake to fit your health goals.
  • Find how sourcing and processing affect the protein … and your health. Discover the pros and cons of the different ingredients commonly added to protein powders. Understand the legal tricks supplement companies use to fool you.
  • Rely on expert, unbiased information. Examine.com is an education company. We don’t sell supplements or work with supplement companies; we don’t even accept ads. All we do all day, every day, is examining the scientific evidence.
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Make it easy to stay on top of the latest nutrition research

Science is constantly changing and evolving. As a professional, it’s important for you to stay on top of the latest nutrition research.

Every month, Examine.com editors analyze the newest and most important studies to help you stay up to date and provide your patients and clients with the most accurate and useful information possible. The Examine.com Research Digest also includes exclusive interviews with top health and fitness professionals.

Instead of spending tens of hours finding, downloading, reading, and making sense of the immense number of nutrition studies published every month, allow our experienced research team to do it for you.

  • Stay on top of the latest nutrition studies.
  • Understand the full meaning of the research paper, not just the sensationalized headlines.
  • Don't fall behind with out-of-date knowledge.
Examine.com Research Digest

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