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Stay on the cutting edge of health research.

Examine Membership: Make informed health decisions.

Unlock our continually updated database of human studies, with 50,000+ references on 600+ health topics and 400+ supplements. Stay on top of the research in the health categories of your choice (25 to choose from) with short, clear, monthly study summaries. Get a better understanding of the research with our in-depth analyses of the most important studies.

  • Stay up to date with a comprehensive and fully referenced study database.
  • Save time by having our research team filter, curate, and review studies for you.
  • Achieve your health goals!
Examine Membership

Stop wasting your time and money on supplements that don’t work.

Each of our 17 Supplement Guides focuses on a specific goal, such as fat loss, muscle building, testosterone production, or anxiety reduction. Each guide tells you which supplements work and which don’t. Each guide is packed full of practical knowledge, with step-by-step instructions for doses, timing, and combinations, so you can reliably improve your health.

Each guide is based on the strongest and most recent randomized-trial evidence — and comes with free lifetime updates!

  • Save time — take advantage of the thousands of hours we’ve spent analyzing the evidence.
  • Save money — buy only supplements proven to work for your specific health goals.
  • Stay safe — since we don’t sell or advertise supplements, you get unbiased advice.

Examine focuses on nutrition research to help you get healthier. Today, the hundreds of free articles on our website are read by millions of visitors each month, and 50,000 people have bought our products. Medical doctors, dietitians, coaches, and personal trainers entrust their reputation — and the health of their patients, athletes, and clients — to our analysis.

Improve your fitness and achieve your health goals.

If you want to improve your personal fitness, there’s more to it than just weights and cardio. Learn to optimize not only muscle gain and fat loss, but also heart health, joint health, testosterone production, and sleep.

With the Fitness Guide, you will understand how the six main facets of fitness interconnect, so you can reach a new level of personal fitness.

  • Get the big picture — understand how the six main facets of fitness (muscle gain, fat loss, testosterone production, cardio, joint health, and sleep) affect one another.
  • Map your path — learn how fitness can be defined and assessed, and how you can track your progress; learn which steps to take before a diet so as to ensure its success.
  • Get what you need without getting lost in the weeds — follow step-by-step directions on what to take and how.
Examine Fitness Guide

Choose an evidence-based approach to the ketogenic diet.

The ketogenic diet is the hottest diet of the past several years. And predictably, it’s attracted a host of charlatans and hucksters trying to sell it as a magic solution to all of your ills.

For Evidence-based Keto, we reviewed decades of research to help you understand all the pros and cons of keto, so you can decide if it is the right diet for you.

  • Get answers you can trust to the most debated questions — we’ve gathered and analyzed the latest evidence on keto’s effect on weight, exercise, muscle, diseases, and more.
  • Stay safe — we’ve investigated short-term and long-term health concerns that are rarely addressed.
  • Draw a clear map to your goal — we show you step-by-step how to implement a sustainable and enjoyable keto diet.

Learn everything there is to know about the most popular protein supplement.

To build or preserve muscle, no supplement is more popular than whey protein, and it’s also one of the very few products convincingly shown to promote fat loss.

Unsurprisingly, over the years, we’ve received hundreds of questions about whey. We’ve already answered several in our multiple articles on protein in general and whey protein in particular. Now, we’ve answered them all in The Definitive Guide to Whey Protein.

  • Optimize your intake — dose and time your protein to fit your health goals.
  • Stay safe — learn about sourcing and processing, the pros and cons of common added ingredients, and the legal tricks supplement companies use to fool you.
  • Rely on expert, unbiased information — we don’t sell or advertise supplements; we are a team of scientists and our sole focus is on the research.
Examine Whey Protein Guide

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Why Examine?

Examine started because we were frustrated.

We were frustrated with supplement companies misrepresenting scientific research. We were frustrated with social media “influencers” peddling products they didn’t use themselves. We were frustrated with famous doctors and mainstream media disregarding context to produce sensationalist headlines.

This frustration drove us to create, in 2011, what we seeked and couldn’t find: a 100% independent company that doesn’t sell supplements or even ad space on its website — a company that lives or dies solely by the accuracy and usefulness of its analyses.

Today, the hundreds of free articles on our website are read by millions of visitors each month, and 50,000 people have bought our publications. Medical doctors, dietitians, coaches, and personal trainers entrust their reputation — and the health of their patients, athletes, and clients — to our analyses.

Like the health professionals, each time you purchase any of our publications, you purchase thousands of work hours from a dedicated team of experts with degrees in nutrition, exercise science, public health, pharmacology, toxicology, microbiology, biophysics, biomedical science, neuroscience, chemistry, and more.

Invest in your health today.

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