The ability to remember things currently being done (working memory) recently learned (short term) and possible for life (long term memory); some compounds enhance memory by reversing states of neural malaise (Fish Oil, Curcumin) whereas some can increase memory unilaterally (Bacopa monnieri).

This page features 20 unique references to scientific papers.

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The Human Effect Matrix looks at human studies (excluding animal/petri-dish studies) to tell you what supplements affect Memory
Grade Level of Evidence
A Robust research conducted with repeated double blind clinical trials
B Multiple studies where at least two are double-blind and placebo controlled
C Single double blind study or multiple cohort studies
D Uncontrolled or observational studies only
Level of Evidence
Magnitude of Effect Size
Scientific Consensus Comments
A Ginkgo biloba
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All information is still available and viewable on their respective supplement page.
B Bacopa monnieri
B Melissa officinalis
B Caffeine
C PRL-8-53
C Blueberry
C CDP-choline
C Fish Oil
C Ginger
C Melatonin
C Modafinil
C Nicotine
C Nigella sativa
C Oxiracetam
C Phosphatidylserine
C Piracetam
C Red Clover Extract
C S-Adenosyl Methionine
C Vinpocetine
C Black Cohosh
C Choline
C Chromium
C Cocoa Extract
C Creatine
C Marijuana
C Polygala tenuifolia
C Sceletium tortuosum
C Vitamin E
D Pramiracetam
D Peppermint


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