schmitt Profile

Name: Nick Schmitt



  • Age: 20

  • Gender: Male

  • Height: 6'0"

  • Weight: 170lbs.

Goals, prioritized:

  • Finish my final two years of film school with a significant portfolio of high-quality screenplays.

  • Gain 10 pounds of lean muscle.

  • Increase the size of my biceps and triceps.

  • Educate myself on the food and supplements I currently consume, those that I am considering, and those that I should be consuming.

  • Educate myself on biomechanics relevant to my imbalances.

  • Correct muscular strength and size imbalances.

  • Maintain sub-12% bodyfat.

  • Join the 1000lbs club (current lifts are S: 225x4, DL: 365x1, BP 185x1).

  • Fix T-Rex mode.

  • Improve cognition with safe nootropics.

  • Sprint 100 meters in 11 seconds.