Primalkid Profile

Name: Alex Leaf


My name is Alex Leaf (aka Primalkid). I am 21 years young and a Washington State University alumnus with a BA in Accounting. My passion is in nutrition and exercise and I am an autodidact when it comes to either. I have decided to attend graduate school at Bastyr University to pursue a Master of Science in Nutrition with Didactic Program in Dietetics (MSN/DPD). My long-term goals include becoming a registered dietitian and working in the nutrition or fitness worlds. While I enjoy aspects of exercise science, I am more interested in nutritional physiology, especially supplements. I hold my education to the highest importance, and plan to never stop learning.

I follow a very active and health-conscious lifestyle. I adhere to a modernized ancestral diet combined with aspects of sports nutrition. I believe there is a deep misunderstanding of dietary needs, and that both the government and food industry take advantage of this. I am against industrial agriculture, and even more so factory farming. I also resent chairs. The natural human resting position is squatting, not sitting. Furthermore, in today’s age, inactivity has warped almost every task we routinely do day-to-day. You sit when in lecture, you sit when you eat, you sit to watch TV, and you sit (in a car) to travel. I believe that this type of sedentary life-style is depriving the human-race of its right to decent health, and is the leading cause of virtually all ailments. That said, I stand whenever possible and try to only be inactive in my sleep.


Whey protein, creatine, choline bitartrate, taurine, curcumin, vitamins D & K, CoQ10, fish oil