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Name: Kurtis Frank


Lead researcher at Examine.com and owner of the blog Silverhydra.com (online pseudonym), known for its infrequent updates; B.A.Sc in Applied Human Dietetics from the University of Guelph 2012.

I can be followed on Twitter via @Silverhydra.


I always try to have a decently healthy diet, and the copious fish and vegetables I consume tend to negate the need for a lot of supplements. Despite that, there are supplements I do take in addition to my 'diet' including:

Beyond that, there are several 'supplements' that I just buy at the grocery store. They are in my diet, but I approach these things more like supplements than I do food produts and they include:

  • Garlic because... just read the page its awesome

  • Blueberries because I'm hoping that the whole 'neurogenesis' bit applies to healthy humans

  • Dimocarpus Longan since it is not only cheap, but it is oddly a bit too neuroprotective in animal models and a Traditional chinese medicine for cognition. Seems worth a snack

  • Olives, mainly because of olive leaf extract and its main bioactives being quite impressive and in an active dose in the veggies

  • Some brown seaweed every now and then, because fucoxanthin might be active but I am not going to buy a supplement yet (too expensive)

There will always be supplements that are coming and going, but the above are my 'usual' supplements and foods that I always go back to

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