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Q: Is saturated fat bad for your health?

A: Saturated fat is not inherently harmful. Compared to carbohydrates and unsaturated fat, it has been linked to an increase in some risk factors for heart disease, but not directly to heart disease itself. As usual, by focusing on a nutrient in isolation, we risk missing the bigger picture: what matters most is your overall diet and lifestyle.

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Q: Is it better to do aerobic exercise fasted?

A: Fasted cardio uses more fatty acids while exercising, but over the long term has negligible fat loss benefits. Fasted vs fed has little effect on performance except when nearing maximal effort.

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Q: Does fast food make the immune system more aggressive in the long term?

A: Mice eating a high-fat, high-sugar “Western” diet experienced changes to their immune system similar to those occurring during an infection. Those changes led to more potent immune responses down the road when the mice experienced inflammation.

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Q: Do I need to eat six times a day to keep my metabolism high?

A: Eating food six times a day, or very high meal frequency, does not seem to increase the overall metabolic rate more than simply eating three times a day. If such a meal frequency can help you feel better on a diet then it can be useful but it alone won't cause weight loss or prevent weight gain.

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Q: Does metabolism vary between two people?

A: Yes, metabolic rate (the amount of calories burnt a day) does vary between people. Most of the time, it isn't that much of a difference and isn't causative of obesity (where caloric intake and exercise are better predictors), but differences between people do tend to exist.

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