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Summary of Flu

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Frequently asked questions and answers related to Flu

Frequently Asked Questions about Flu

Which supplements can help against colds and the flu?
Vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and other supplements may provide an edge against colds and the flu, but they should only serve to complement your main defensive arsenal: good hygiene, proper hydration, healthy diet, restful sleep, stress control, and exercise.
The downsides of caffeine intake
Caffeine can have a determinetal impact on your blood pressure, eye pressure, and acid reflux.
Can you boost your flu shot with prebiotics and probiotics?
Flu season is here, and flu vaccine efficacy may be low this year compared to last. But there could be a way to boost that efficacy: probiotics and/or prebiotics. A recent paper summarized the results of nine trials, and found promising results, although there is much yet to be learned.
Should I take Fish Oil if I am sick?