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Our evidence-based analysis on fasting features 52 unique references to scientific papers.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Articles on Fasting

Fasting or keto: possible treatment for multiple sclerosis
Multiple sclerosis involves immune attacks on the nervous system. Current treatments address symptoms, but may have substantial side effects. Fasting diets may both help symptoms and regeneration of existing damage.
Do you need to eat six times a day to keep your metabolism high?
Eating food six times a day, or very high meal frequency, does not seem to increase the overall metabolic rate more than simply eating three times a day. If such a meal frequency can help you feel better on a diet then it can be useful but it alone won't cause weight loss or prevent weight gain.
Is it really that bad to skip breakfast?
The lowdown on intermittent fasting
We analyze the research on intermittent fasting and how it impacts your health.
Could fasting help treat MS symptoms?
We analyze a study that says fasting could help with MS.
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