Trichopus zeylanicus

Last Updated: November 18 2022

Trichopus zeylanicus is a berry and plant that is referred to as Kerala Ginseng. It does not have much evidence behind it at this time but appears to be a performance enhancer, adaptogen, and aphrodisiac as well as generally healthy.

Trichopus zeylanicus is most often used for


Trichopus zeylanicus (of the family Trichopodaceae) is a herb from India, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. It has been used historically by the Kani tribe in India, which uses this plant for its purported anti-fatigue effects.

It shows performance enhancing properties and may act as an aphrodisiac as well. A few in vitro studies also suggest that it may protect the body and DNA from various forms of oxidation.

What else is Trichopus zeylanicus known as?
Note that Trichopus zeylanicus is also known as:
  • Arogyappacha
  • Kerala Ginseng
Dosage information

Aphrodisiac properties were noted (in mice) at 200mg/kg bodyweight a day, and performance enhancing properties were noted at 250mg-500mg/kg bodyweight a day (again, in mice). These mice studies lead to estimated human doses of:

  • 1,100-2,700mg for a 150lb person
  • 1,400-3,600mg for a 200lb person
  • 1,800-4,500mg for a 250lb person

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