What are some other potential benefits of hesperidin?

    Last Updated: October 12, 2023

    Certain animal and in vitro studies have identified potential additional benefits of hesperidin, but these findings await confirmation through clinical research.

    One study on rats found that rikkunshito (RKT), a traditional Japanese medicine containing hesperidin and other compounds, effectively countered chemotherapy-induced anorexia by increasing appetite. It is hypothesized that RKT inhibits the decrease in the expression of the growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHS-R1a) receptor caused by cisplatin (a compound commonly used in chemotherapy) by acting as a 5-HT2B/2C serotonin receptor antagonist, therefore increasing the signal transduction of ghrelin (an appetite-stimulating hormone which binds to the GHS-R1a receptor).[1]

    Low doses of hesperidin (25 mg/kg in rats) demonstrated notable protection against prolonged toxicity when administered alongside nicotine in rat studies.[2][3]

    Another animal study found that a 5-week regimen of hesperidin reduced colonic tumor formation by 60%, induced by an injection of a carcinogenic toxin.[4]

    In mice, hesperidin also displayed anti-asthmatic and antiallergic properties by reducing the airways’ responsiveness to an antigen. The antiallergic effect was associated with reduced infiltration of immune cells (leukocytes and macrophages) into lung tissue.[5]

    Finally, hesperidin exhibited various neuroprotective effects in animal studies at standard oral doses. These effects appear to rely on suppressing errant nitric oxide signaling, thereby activating an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory defense.[6]


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