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Amino acid (AA)

Organic compounds that participate in many functions in your body, from neurotransmission to the synthesis of enzymes, hormones, and of course proteins. All protein, including the protein you eat and the protein in your body, is made from some combination of twenty AAs.

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Summary of Amino acid (AA)

Amino Acid supplements are isolated amino acids or groups of isolated amino acids (as is the case with BCAAs) which are typically in lower doses than protein supplements and more specific.

Amino Acids are already consumed in the diet via dietary protein, but superloading specific amino acids in isolation may exert unique effects not found with food or protein supplement intake.

Amino Acids, in isolation, have a wide range of varying effects. They may either be naturally occurring amino acids (such as Taurine or Leucine) or can be slightly modified naturally occurring amino acids (as is the case with Beta-Alanine).

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Amino Acids, amino acids

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