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Welcome and thanks for checking out the guide! Become an Examine Member and you will have access to the full suite of Examine analysis, from the big picture based on existing research to summaries and in-depth analysis of the newest studies.

Key information on 400+ supplements and their effects on 700+ health outcomes. Continually updated with new human studies since 2011.

Thousands of summaries of human studies (200+ added per month) searchable by category (e.g., Fat loss), tag (e.g., #Dietitians), and any keyword.

You can earn continuing education units by reading specific summaries!

The 83 issues of Study Deep Dives, with their evidence overviews, analyses of pivotal studies, explorations of biological mechanisms, etc.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Study Database
  2. The Study Summaries
  3. The Deep Dives archive
  4. Downloadable PDFs
  5. Prioritized email support
  6. Keeping Examine 100% independent
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The Study Database

Our Study Database is organized by supplement (so you can check the desirable and undesirable health effects of fish oil, for instance) and health topic (so you can see which supplements have been shown to affect anxiety, for instance).

Most supplement and health topic pages have a table called Human Effect Matrix (HEM), which provides you with information on each supplement/topic relationship. For instance, the HEM on the kava page and the HEM on the anxiety page will both show that kava may decrease anxiety — the magnitude of effect is notable, and the consistency of research results is high.

Within the HEM, you can also get information on each study included in our assessment — key details such as findings, dosage, duration, and number and sex of the participants.

For example, if you click on “See all 8 studies” on anxiety in the HEM on the kava page (see illustration above), you’ll see notably this:

We’re constantly updating the database with information from new human studies to ensure that you can always base your health decisions on the latest scientific evidence.

For further details on how to use the Study Database, click here.

Access the Study Database

The Study Summaries

Every month, we summarize 200+ recent studies across 25 health categories — so you can easily keep up to date on the health topics you care about.

For this purpose, we provide you with the study’s key details, such as dosage, duration, and the characteristics of the participants. We discuss practical implications and major caveats, such as design limitations, flawed conclusions, or conflicts of interest. And we contextualize each study and its findings within the broader literature.

Furthermore, the most important of the studies, our Editor’s Picks, get special treatment: we dig deeper into the study itself, compare its findings to those of previous studies, and create infographics that make it easy for you to process the extra information. You can see the latest Editor’s Picks here.

You can select the health categories you care about, favorite the studies that interest you most, and search through the summaries by category (e.g., Fat loss), tag (e.g., #Dietitians), PubMed ID, month of publication, and any keyword. Check out the guide for navigating the study summaries and a quick interactive tutorial.

NEW! Earn Continuing Education Credits (CEC)

Are you an Registered Dietitian or a Dietetic Technician, Registered?

Each month, a selection from our Study Summaries are approved for CECs through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

There are no extra costs on top of your Membership, regardless of which organization you opt to earn CECs for. Just read the relevant summaries and answer the quiz pertaining to a given organization for a given month.

For more details, click here.

Access the Study Summaries

The Deep Dives archive

Study Deep Dives was Examine’s e-magazine for health pros and health nuts from 2014 to 2021. Within its 83 issues, totaling more than 6,000 pages, you’ll find our analyses of hundreds of pivotal studies — we explain each study’s methodology, discuss its strengths and weaknesses, present its place in (and impact on) the related literature, and answer practical questions.

Access the entire archive of 600+ Study Deep Dives sorted by article title here.

You’ll also find thoughtful editorials, impartial overviews of the evidence on various topics, essential takeaways from position statements and academic reviews, short summaries of studies that found null results (and thus are hardly ever mentioned in the media), and riveting interviews of top researchers and industry leaders.

  • 🔍 Deep Dives — All the nuance, none of the headache

  • 📝 Study Analysis — Q&A format for quick digestion

  • 📚 NERD Minis — Big-picture findings distilled

  • 🛑 NERD Nulls — What studies showed did not work

  • 🎙️ Interviews — We pick the brains of the best scientists

  • 🤔 Safety Spotlight — Read it before you eat it!

Check out the guide for getting the most out of the Deep Dives archive.

Access the Deep Dives archive

Downloadable PDFs

If you wish to have offline access to the Study Database tables, you can go to the My purchases area to download a searchable PDF (2,000+ pages) in which they’re all neatly organized by supplement and health topic.

The Study Summaries are published in monthly issues of 200+ summaries. You can download a PDF containing the summaries from all of your categories for a given month by clicking on the “Download PDF version” button in the right sidebar on the Study Summaries home page.

Lastly, the Study Deep Dives can be downloaded from two places: each issue’s dedicated page (which you can access through the list of Study Deep Dives issues) and the My purchases area.

Prioritized email support

We’ve set up an inbox just for you: We give priority to emails sent to this address, so any time you need support from Examine (or want to give us feedback or suggestions), you can expect an even faster response!

Keeping Examine 100% independent

We strive to eliminate any source of bias, whether internal or external.

Internal: Our research staff has no ties to any company that sells supplements or diet plans. Furthermore, we extensively discuss every facet of the topics we write about, despite the added cost in work hours, because we don’t want the bias of any one researcher to make its way to you.

External: Many supplement companies have offered to sponsor us. Some have offered to pay us just to “be more positive” about a type of supplement. We’ve always turned them down. We do not recommend specific products or supplement companies. We do not sell ad space on our website. And we do not accept donations — not from companies, not from organizations, not even from individuals.

You are our sole source of income, so there’s no conflict of interests: the only interests we serve are yours. Your support ensures that we can focus entirely on analyzing the research — and that we can share our findings with you, whatever they are.

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