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17 information packed supplement stack guides. No fluff. Just the goods without the sciencey jargon to ensure you're getting the most out of your supplements.

Concise and easy to read, each guide has simple and easy-to-follow information that covers common health and wellness issues you should care about.

Learn which supplements work synergistically to deliver proven results. Get updates FOR LIFE as new research becomes available.

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Discover the best combination of
supplements to reach your goals even faster

Improve your health. While supplements are not magic, there are dozens of them which are proven to increase your quality of life. This is important because some of these cannot be provided through diet alone.

Access to the latest scientific information. One of the things that sets Examine.com apart is our refusal to cherrypick studies. Studies which use rats or cells in petri-dishes can often lead to faulty conclusions, so we instead focus on randomized double blind studies with human subjects.

Easy to follow directions on which supplements to take, which to avoid (depending on your unique situation), and which suffer from a lot of hype and should be approached with caution.

Save time and money by using information that works. We follow and analyze the latest research in supplementation so you don't have to.

Best of all, since we don't sell supplements ourselves , we'll tell you which supplements are a complete waste of your money.

Introducing the Examine.com Stack Guides

The Stack Guides are collection of independently researched manuals detailing the validity of key supplements used to promote 17 different health and fitness benefits. Each manual explores which supplements work best, and more importantly, which supplements should be combined to get the results they aim to deliver.

Best of all, we make it easy-as-pie to figure out:

Each Stack Guide begins with a comprehensive overview of the base supplements you should be taking to reach your desired outcome.

We then talk about proven options to help augment your base and unproven options which have been shown to be promising but do not have enough scientific evidence to back up their claims.

Next, we move on to overhyped supplements which you should approach with caution, that may only serve to empty your pockets or harm you.

Once that's done, we round things out by examining different ways you can assemble your supplement stack so you reach your health and fitness goals, faster.

What is Included in the
Examine.com Stack Guides

"There are 17 guides in total, covering the most common supplemented areas.

Each Stack Guide makes it extremely easy to figure out the optimal supplements for you"

  • Your Base Supplements - supplements you should definitely be taking
  • Your Proven Options - supplements proven to work, but are not for everyone
  • Your Unproven Options - supplements that may work, but there isn't enough research yet
  • Your Caution/Overhyped Options - supplements that do nothing but lighten your wallet, or worse, get you sick
  • Assembling Your Supplement Stack - guidelines on how to put all of the supplements into a stack depending on your situation
  • Stack Modification FAQ - common questions about the stacks and how to make them work for you
  • Precautions & Troubleshooting - things to keep an eye out to get the maximum results

When you pick up your copy of the Stack Guides , you aren't getting a random mixture of information found elsewhere on the net, nor are you getting yet another compilation of worthless recommendations you will NEVER use.

The guides are a thoroughly researched stockpile of information relating to your supplement needs, complete with recommended dosages - you WILL refer to over and over again.

Best of all, when you purchase the Stack Guides you will also get a lifetime of future updates. When new research is discovered, a revised copy of your Stack Guides will be sent to your email inbox - ensuring you stay up-to-date. We make sense of the latest research so you don't have to.

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The Complete Examine.com Stack Guides Collection

  • Testosterone Enhancement
  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Gain & Exercise Performance
  • Mood and Depression
  • Heart Health
  • Sleep Quality
  • Insulin Sensitivity
  • Memory and Focus
  • Skin and Hair Quality
  • Libido and Sexual Enhancement
  • Liver Health
  • Allergies and Immunity
  • Bone Health
  • Joint Health
  • Vegetarianism/Veganism
  • Seniors
  • Anxiety

Who are the Stack Guides for?

  • Anyone with a vested interested in health and wellness who prides themselves on making evidence based decisions
  • Anyone who appreciates objectivity when it comes to recommendations pertaining to their health
  • Anyone who is curious to the validity of the supplements they are using
  • Anyone who is currently using supplements and looking to fast track their results

Eric Cressey


The supplement industry can be tremendously confusing for a number of reasons. First, the margins are incredibly high - so there are a lot of unethical weasels with no scientific background making bold and unsubstantiated claims to separate you from your money. Second, it's a dynamic industry, as new products, brands, and research emerge every single day. Fortunately, the guys at Examine.com have streamlined the process of educating us all by providing an incredibly up-to-date resource on the supplements we encounter on a daily basis, as well as some of the more obscure ones that are out there that might 'stump' us. This is an excellent product not only because it's a completely research-backed, unbiased perspective without any financial conflicts of interest, but also because it's exhaustively thorough and well written. I highly recommend it.

Dr Joanna McMillan


As a science-trained nutritionist, my entire work must be evidence-based if we are not to be constantly swayed by hyped up marketing claims or people's theories. But keeping abreast of research in every area of nutrition is impossible. When this guide landed in my inbox I was stoked. It is now an invaluable resource for my work. I have at my fingertips the studies to date on a particular supplement, I can click through to read them and I can see in one glance the conclusions that can be drawn. For anyone using or advising on supplement use, I cannot recommend this guide highly enough.

Alan Aragon

BSc, MSc Nutrition

Examine.com is the most diligent and comprehensive resource for science-based supplement information, bar none. I refer students and colleagues to the site regularly, and I use it myself.

Dr Bryan Chung


Examine.com has become THE repository resource for nutritional supplement information. Most other similar databases fail at what they're good at, which is being accessible and being comprehensive. Their frequent updates stay on top of the literature as it evolves. Examine.com gives me an excellent overview of the body of work, which helps me filter and refine my search strategy when I'm looking up supplements that I get asked about that I've never heard of. The Human Effect Matrix provides interpretation that is lacking in every other supplement database in the world. Most people don't have the time or interest to develop high-level expertise, but need somewhere to turn to to make informed decisions about their supplements. That information is at Examine.com.

Dr. Jose Antonio

PhD. Co-founder, ISSN

Examine.com rocks! It's a great source of information on the science of dietary supplements. Plenty of real science, no bro-science. It's the real deal. Kudos to Sol Orwell and Kurtis Frank for showing the rest of the nutrition world that indeed, there's plenty of science in the field of dietary supplements. Pass me the creatine please! :-)

Dr. Yoni Freedhoff


It's insufficient to simply rely on belief, conjecture or internet advice to determine if supplements are right for you. Instead you need to rely on research. With Examine.com's reference guide not only will you find their summary of the research, but also links to the original papers should you want to do your own due diligence. Truly a massive and helpful undertaking.

Dr. Emma-Leigh Synnott


During my years of study in science and Medicine one of the first and most powerful messages elucidated is that you will never have all the answers. So as a consequence you rapidly discover how to go about finding those answers...

Years later I can honestly say that my go to evidence-based information source on supplements would have to be Examine.com. Unbiased and meticulously put together, Examine.com provides a clear and detailed resource for novices and professionals alike.

Who is Examine.com
and why should you trust us?

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Examine.com is an independent encyclopedia on supplementation and nutrition. We're unique because we are not affiliated in any way with any supplement company and we don't sell supplements. When we recommend a supplement (or say another is garbage), it has no impact on our bottom line.

We were founded in early 2011 and since our inception we've had one goal - to be the best source for unbiased information regarding supplements and nutrition. We've been dogged in our resolve to create the most expansive and honest collection of information pertaining to supplements and nutrition on the web. Our team is comprised of doctors, researchers, and pharmacists from all facets of health and fitness, meaning when we research - we get the full picture.

This single-minded dedication to providing well researched and unbiased information has earned us the title of the #1 site when it comes to supplement information. Over 20,000 visitors trust our research and visit us every day. Over 10,000 health and fitness professionals use our Supplements-Goals Reference and if that weren't enough to prove our commitment to neutrality, since 2011 we have been featured on a number of the biggest online and print publications in the world including The Huffington Post, Men's Health, and The Guardian. Examine.com is trusted and for good reason.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Examine.com Stack Guides different from other sources of supplementation research? +

Most supplement research comes with an inherent bias. Studies are often backed by supplement companies with a vested interest to arrive at a conclusion substantiating their claims. All of this is done with one purpose in mind - to make you spend your money on pills and powders which may not work.

Other companies that don't do research themselves just cherrypick studies that make their products look good. Often time these are studies performed on rats and in petri-dishes

As Examine.com is an independent company that does not sell any supplements, we do not cherrypick. We are not trying to sell you supplements. We are 100% neutral and conduct all of our research independently, allowing us to come to our own conclusions regarding the validity of which supplements work.

Are the Stack Guides only for fitness enthusiasts, health buffs, nutritionists, trainers or medical researchers? +

Absolutely not. The Stack Guides are actually written with our own mothers in mind. They are easy-to-read and give you simple step-by-step directions on which supplements to take (and which to not waste money on).

What is the difference between your Supplement-Goals Reference and your Stack Guides? +

The way we see it as is:

  • Supplement-Goals Reference: Exactly as the name implies, it is a reference. It is just the raw data, a giant 1000+ page. Not very friendly for the layperson.
  • Stack Guides: These are easy-to-follow with step-by-step instructions. They can be easily used by your mother or father!
Unless you are a researcher, we do recommend the Stack Guides for most people.

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