Preworkout: Muscular endurance

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If you want to know what supplements to take for Preworkout: Muscular endurance...

Muscle Gain & Exercise Performance Supplement Guide

Preworkout: Muscular endurance Overview:

This list of supplements is for the purpose of enhancing physical performance associated with prolonged muscular performance, such as martial arts training, sports, or circuit training (crossfit also applies here). These may not outright enhance power.These compounds tend to either prolong the time to fatigue, or during a controlled time where fatigue does not set in performance is increased with these compounds related to placebo.

Suggested Supplements


Dosage: 2400mg

2400mg daily (usually three doses of 800mg) is one of the lower doses that is shown to confer beneficial effects to physical exercise.

There is little to no benefit on short term power output (powerlifting or sprinting) and moderate benefit with muscular endurance lasting less than 60 seconds, the time range of 60-240 seconds appears to be where beta-alanine routinely outperformed placebo (although the magnitude of benefit is fairly small).

One meta-analysis concluded that, in the 60-240s range, beta-alanine can contribute to a 1.3+/-1.0% improvement in performance. Better than nothing, but a small benefit


Dosage: 500mg

Nitrate appears to be associated with improvements in prolonged anaerobic exercise tests (such as the shuttle run) and prolonged exercise such as 5km jogs or bicycle runs. The benefit appears to be due to an increase in nitric oxide, as there is no significant decrease in lactic acid and the reduced rate of perceived exertion seems unreliable.

If supplementation is not available, then making an at-home beetroot juice would be the next best thing.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Dosage: 300mg

300mg/kg bodyweight sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) appears to be quite effective for cardiovascular exercise in the 1-7 minute range (for increasing power output and overall work conducted) and may also exert benefit in trials lasting for up to an hour (where although no improvement of peak power exists, average power is increased possibly secondary to an antifatigue effect)

If also using nitrate supplementation, take caution to not combine sodium bicarbonate and nitrate in the same drink; there is a possibility they could react with each other (possibly being a tad explosive).

Branched Chain Amino Acids

Dosage: 15g

15g BCAA (rough estimate of active dose) prior to physical exercise in novice, but probably not elite, athletes seems to be able to promote physical endurance secondary to reducing fatigue. This occurs in prolonged physical exercise of 30-60 minutes or more.

This may be one of the few instances where BCAA supplementation has a place over protein supplements, as the inclusion of tryptophan is thought to be adverse to performance in the same people who benefit from BCAAs (and thus its exclusion in BCAA but not protein is seen as advantageous)

If you want to know what supplements to take for Preworkout: Muscular endurance...

Muscle Gain & Exercise Performance Supplement Guide