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If you want to know what supplements to take for Muscle Recovery...

Muscle Gain & Exercise Performance Supplement Guide

Muscle Recovery Overview:

This list is for supplements that accelerate the rate of recovery after a workout, and includes compounds that reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) or help with self-perceived preparedness for a workout. In some instances, muscle recovery can be accelerated during rest periods in the gym (which allows for a greater workload to be conducted on any single day).These supplements are not necessarily muscle builders, although secondary to allowing for more work to be conducted they can potentially help over the long term.Finally, some amino acid or carbohydrates supplements may not be as useful in instances where a pre-workout meal or other protein/carbohydrate sources are consumed. Protein and carbohydrates themselves greatly aid in recovery rate, and these recommended supplements would best be used alongside them.

Suggested Supplements


Dosage: 3g

3g of the HMB as free acid taken 15-30 minutes before a workout can reduce the amount of muscle damage measured over the next few days and improve percieved readiness to again work out.

The calcium salt of HMB is effective, but due to the longer absorption time it doesn't seem able to be used as an acute preworkout like the free acid can. The calcium salt is more as a general anti-catabolic during periods of undereating.


Dosage: 8g

8g of citrulline (malate) has been noted to reduce percieved soreness when measured two days after a workout by 40%, and this is despite increasing the amount of work that could be conducted during the testing session.

While other studies are not as promising as the aforementioned, this dose of citrulline still appears to be able to enhance recovery rates (both during a workout and the next few days afterwards).


Dosage: 2-4g

L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate has repeatedly been demonstrated to reduce soreness and biomarkers of muscle damage when taken prior to a power based workout (sprinting tests or weightlifting), and does not appear to interfere with the subsequent muscle building and adaptation process that many antioxidant compounds seem to do.

There is no clear reason why the L-Tartrate form is used, and other forms such as GPLC or ALCAR should still be effective.

If you want to know what supplements to take for Muscle Recovery...

Muscle Gain & Exercise Performance Supplement Guide