Hearing and Ear Health

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Hearing and Ear Health Overview:

A list of supplements that have some research indicating that they could benefit ear health and audition.Due to research on this area from supplements lacking, the following list most likely comprises research on animal studies rather than humans. Some discretion is advised when interpreting the following.

Suggested Supplements

Panax Ginseng

Dosage: 3g

3g of Korean Red Ginseng is the higher end of common doses for Panax Ginseng products, and the Korean Red Ginseng appears to be more likely than unfermented Panax Ginseng to confer the benefits.

No human evidence currently existing, but some animal evidence suggesting Korean Red Ginseng can protect from auditory toxicity from two toxins (cisplatin and gentimicin) and rehabilitate damage to the cochlea from excessive noise when taken after the stressor


Dosage: 3mg

3mg of Melatonin, taken nightly, can improve sleep but also reduce subjective ratings of the severity of tinnitus. Does not appear to work in all person (not even most persons, around 40% with Melatonin report reductions in tinnitus rather than 20% with placebo) but is significantly more likely than placebo to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus over 30 days.


Dosage: 500

500mg Magnesium (elemental, so the weight of the Magnesium itself) has been found to improve symptoms of tinnitus in at least one pilot study on the subject matter

If you want to know what supplements to take for Hearing and Ear Health...

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