Headache and Migraine

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If you want to know what supplements to take for Headache and Migraine...

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Headache and Migraine Overview:

These are supplements that are either proven to reduce Migraines and Headaches, or are currently being investigated to do so. Whether or not they have been shown to work in humans will be specified.In general, these compounds work by reducing blood pressure in the head; could either be through increasing the width of the brain's blood vessels (neurovasodilation) or by reducing blood flow to the head, which is not as bad as it sounds

Suggested Supplements


Dosage: 200mg

Caffeine appears to be quite effective at reducing migraine magnitude and headache magnitude. The efficacy of caffeine in reducing blood flow in the brain is around 35% according to one study, and does not alter blood oxygenation rates (thus is unlikely to, per se, reduce cognition) and does not differ between naive and tolerant users.

Using coffee or energy drinks as a source of caffeine may also work, capsules and tablets are but convenience.


Dosage: 300

300mg of Feverfew (assuming 1% of the active compound, Panthenolide) appears to be effective in reducing the occurrence and severity of migraines, without any convincing evidence it reduces the duration of migraine attacks when they hit.

There is some evidence that this only exceeds placebo in persons with highly frequent migraines (more than 4 per 28 days), with its benefits on lesser migraine occurrences and headaches in general not significantly different than placebo (which is pretty effective against migraines)

2-4mg of isolated Pantheolide would also be effective

Pelargonium sidoides

Dosage: 900

Specifically for the headache (and fever) associated with acute bronchitis, supplementation of this herb can drastically reduce symptoms in the head that are a result of an acute viral infection.

900mg refers to the root extract, usually divided into a dose of 300mg thrice daily before meals. There are extractions which concentrate the root to 1:8-10 (11% ethanolic extract) and these can be taken at either 20-30mg thrice daily, or 30 drops of a liquid solution thrice daily.

If you want to know what supplements to take for Headache and Migraine...

Get the Supplement Guides Now