Hair Regrowth and Quality

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If you want to know what supplements to take for Hair Regrowth and Quality...

Skin & Hair Quality Supplement Guide

Hair Regrowth and Quality Overview:

This list is devoted to compounds that can potentially increase hair growth or regrowth, or compounds that are able to increase hair quality. This list does expand to both topically applied supplements as well as oral supplements.

Suggested Supplements


Dosage: 5%na

5% appears to be more effective than lower concentrations, but 1 and 2% are also effective. Foam may be slightly more effective than standard solution.

nMinoxidil is Rogaine, and works via promoting induction of cells into the growth (Anagen) phase and prolonging the time they spend in that phase. The mechanisms underlying this process are not completely known at this time.

Eclipta Alba

Dosage: 5%na

5% of the Petroleum extract of Eclipta Alba appears to enhance hair growth to the same degree as 2% Minoxidil when applied to rats; this has been repeated thrice in experiments and appears to be reliable.

The bioactive or mechanism underlying these effects is currently not known.

Sophora Flavescens

Dosage: 1%na

A 50% ethanolic extract (to concentrate bioactives) put in 1% of solution; appears to enhance hair growth when applied to rats.

Appears to potently inhibit the 5-AR2 enzyme in rat prostate cells. This has not yet been connected to topical application, but if it applies then it could also confer benefit to a receding hairline (androgenic alopecia)

If you want to know what supplements to take for Hair Regrowth and Quality...

Skin & Hair Quality Supplement Guide