Flatulence (Farting)

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Flatulence (Farting) Overview:

List of supplements with protective effects against flatus (a nice way of saying that these supplements may reduce the frequency and violence of which one farts).It should be mentioned that compounds or practices that promote intestinal distress or flatulence (caffeine, carbonation if burping is not also present, high fiber intakes in general, etc.) should also be investigated.

Suggested Supplements


Dosage: 30g

30g was used in the one study to quantitatively measure less flatus, but psyllium in general appears to be a fiber source that either is not associated with gas production or comparatively reduces gas production. Fiber in general tends to promote gas production (thought to be due to the intestinal bacteria fermenting fiber into short chain fatty acids and releasing methane or other gaseous byproducts).

The mechanism of action is not yet known, but thought to be related to the bulking action of psyllium on feces also trapping some gas which can then be passed independently of farting it out.

If you want to know what supplements to take for Flatulence (Farting)...

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