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If you want to know what supplements to take for Cold and Flu...

Allergies & Immunity Supplement Guide

Cold and Flu Overview:

A list of supplements that can be taken at the onset or slightly prior to the onset of a cold or flu to either reduce the symptoms or length of said sickness.Some of these may not require daily preventative usage, but only usage when the first signs and symptoms start to show up.

Suggested Supplements

Andrographis Paniculata

Dosage: 1200mg

1200mg daily, in three divided doses of 400mg of the basic plant extract itself, appears to be effective in reducing the length and severity of colds. Doses of up to 6g has been taken with efficacy (as the duration of supplement usage is only 3-5 days as it is ceased after the cold is gone).

At least one study has shown similar effects when using 200mg of an extract with a much higher (31%) Andrographolide content, and given how the plant extract is anywhere between 2-6% Andrographolide any supplement with a daily dose of 60mg Andrographolide or above should be effective (three doses of whatever amounts to 20mg Andrographolide)

Eleutherococcus senticosus

Dosage: 116

This is the dosage based off of Kan Jang capsules (combination of Andrographis paniculata with siberian ginseng), which is the only evidence that links eleutherococcus to immune support.

There is insufficient evidence to say that this alone will help with symptoms, but Kan Jang capsules appear to be more effective than isolated andrographis (despite andrographis being the primary active ingredient) so it would probably be prudent to try to find a combination supplement or Kan Jang capsules themselves for acute treatment of colds.


Dosage: 2,650

Higher than normal doses of garlic have been used to ward off colds (either 180mg allicin which is equivalent to 9g of raw cloves, or 2,650mg of Aged Garlic Extract), but the two studies conducted on colds have noted significant protective effects. The aforementioned dose given in this recommendation is the supplemental dose, but food consumption can also suffice.

Specifically, garlic consumption as a daily preventative seems to greatly reduce the chance of getting sick (by around 60%) but only minorly reduces symptom severity (20% or less) and when you are sick it does not help with the frequency of symptoms.

Pelargonium sidoides

Dosage: 900

Pelargonium sidoides is highly effective for bronchitis specifically, and while it also has promise in treating the common cold with similar potency it is not as well studied; general upper respiratory tract infections are only slightly benefited from this herb.

900mg tends to refer to the overall root weight. This is the dose in 4.5mL of the patented EPs7630 extract (which is the 30 drops thrice a day dosage) and can be found in any 1:8-10 concentrated supplement that uses an 11% ethanolic extract (that is what EPs7630 is, and it seems to get enough of the active molecule).

Dosing is thrice daily, usually taken before meals.

If you want to know what supplements to take for Cold and Flu...

Allergies & Immunity Supplement Guide