Blood Pressure


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If you want to know what supplements to take for Blood Pressure...

Cardiovascular & Heart Health Supplement Guide

Blood Pressure Overview:

This list is for compounds that fairly reliably interact with blood pressure. For overall cardiovascular health purposes, taking a look at the Heart Health page would prudent, as would our Circulation page. The latter, especially, is fairly intertwined with Blood Pressure (and serves as a category where 'Heart Healthy' compounds are dropped if they may not reliably reduce blood pressure).It should be noted that this is a fairly well researched topic overall and a comprehensive list of compounds that have been researched in humans in regards to blood pressure can be found here. The following are those that seem to be the best recommended options.

Suggested Supplements

Hibiscus Sabdariffa

Dosage: 10mg

The 10mg is in reference to the total anthocyanin content, which appears to be the active ingredient; the exact quantity of anthocyanins should be listed on the label, or can be achieved with 5-10g of the flower's calyx steeped in tea. Tea can be used in lieu of supplementation, and should be similarly effective.


Dosage: 600-1,200mg

600-1,200mg refers to the dosage found in garlic supplements. The raw garlic can be consumed directly at around 0.5-1 cloves of garlic taken two to three times a day with meals.

Supplementation of garlic works via a mixed system, in part because of hydrogen sulfide signalling (explained in depth on the garlic page) and in part due to the classical nitric oxide pathway. Chronic ingestion of garlic has a very mild and probably irrelevant reduction of blood pressure in persons with normal blood pressure, but hypertensive persons may experience an 8-10% reduction after a few weeks.

If you want to know what supplements to take for Blood Pressure...

Cardiovascular & Heart Health Supplement Guide