Appetite (Suppression)

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If you want to know what supplements to take for Appetite (Suppression)...

Fat Loss Supplement Guide

Appetite (Suppression) Overview:

This stack is for supplements that reduce general hunger and appetite (or otherwise increase satiety, although 'increasing satiety' implies that it should be coingested with food). Unlike our cravings stack page, this page does not distinguish based off of food preferences.

Suggested Supplements

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Dosage: 600mg

Very reliable for reducing appetite in research animals via suppressing hypothalamic AMPK (a mechanism similar to the hormone leptin). Surprisingly little research into humans, but the beginning bit of research tends to agree with the large body of animal research.

There is a possibility that it is not effective in humans (this has been noted with Garcinia cambogia and (-)-hydroxycitric acid), so this one remains preliminary

Caralluma fimbriata

Dosage: 14g

14g is the dose of the plant (or vegetable) used, and the study that was conducted in humans used a 14:1 concentrated extract (so, 1g of this extract was needed to be equivalent)

Appears to reduce hunger, but may take time to work; limited amount of evidence though, and more historical usage of being a famine vegetable to suppress hunger and appetite.


Dosage: 25mg

25mg thrice a day is the eventual dosage of an ECA stack, which suppresses appetite through adrenaline-mediated mechanisms. May also induce nausea if too much is taken at once.


Dosage: 300-500mg

5-HTP is a supplement that is known to increase satiety (rather than reduce appetite) and should be coingested with food. It has only currently been tested in overweight and obese individuals, but appears to reliably reduce food intake to around 60% of baseline values (placebo groups tend to hit 80%).

5-HTP should not be used alongside anti-depressant medication, in particular SSRIs or MAOIs.

If you want to know what supplements to take for Appetite (Suppression)...

Fat Loss Supplement Guide