Appetite (Stimulation)

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Appetite (Stimulation) Overview:

Supplements that are either shown in humans or rats to stimulate food intake or those with promising evidence that might be useful.

Suggested Supplements


Dosage: 40mg

Fenugreek has traditionally been used as a 'cancer adjuvant' (mainly for stimulating the appetite of persons with cancer cachexia) and 40mg/kg bodyweight of fenugreek (a leaf water extract) appears to induce hunger in otherwise healthy persons.


Dosage: 2g

Somewhat experimental right now (no human evidence in regards to appetite, and the rodent evidence using intravenous injections) but it appears that agmatine can stimulate the appetite in a roughly dose-dependent manner. It does not affect animals in a fasted state who are hungry, but is able to encourage food intake in animals when they should normally be satiated; this is somewhat encouraging for persons who cannot eat enough food to gain weight.

The dose above is based upon a dose used in humans for neuropathic pain (which appears to be well tolerated), and higher than the other cognitive doses since the influence on appetite appears to be dose-dependent.

If you want to know what supplements to take for Appetite (Stimulation)...

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