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If you want to know what supplements to take for Anxiety...

Anxiety Supplement Guide

Anxiety Overview:

The meta-page for anxiety is mostly promising, as most tested compounds show a reduction. Anxiety is measured by self-report survey for the most part when looking at humans, putting them on high and narrow ledges and stressing them out like rats is deemed 'unethical'.

Suggested Supplements


Dosage: 300mg

300mg Kava tends to be the highest recommended dose, with 100-300mg commonly used and taken equally with meals (for 300mg that is taking 100mg with breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

Kava is seen as one of the most potent herbal anxiolytics, but there are some reports of liver toxicity with Kava. For the most part, these are either misattribution (not Kava's fault) or due to interactions with pharmaceuticals (and thus talk to your doctor if using any drugs). That being said, there are a few case studies that make a strong case for Kava itself causing the problems.

The extract of WS 1490 or LI 150 (both patented extracts with quality assurance) are highly recommended, due to the variability of Kava quality and the exclusion of some molecules (pipermethylstine) that might contribute towards liver complications.

Bacopa Monnieri

Dosage: 300

When tested in persons over 65yrs using 300mg daily, it was found that a reduction in anxiety persisted at the end of the trial period along with improvements in other study parameters.

Bacopa has traditionally been used as an anti-anxiety agent acutely, but is seemingly understudied for this claim.


Dosage: 300mg

300mg of ashwagandha is the standard dose, although lower dosages (125-250mg) may still be effective. Studies with ashwagandha are in chronically stressed persons and note quite large reductions in anxiety and other stress-related comorbidities, but ashwagandha is a bit unique as it has research on being able to reduce social dysfunction and improve socialization between rats (these effects appear to persist in humans).

Fish Oil

Dosage: 2.5g

The 2.5g was mostly a collective omega-3 total, 2085mg EPA and 348mg DHA. The study in question finding a reduction in anxiety was with medical students, otherwise healthy youth undergoing stressful periods. This is mostly due to the EPA component, although DHA cannot be ruled out since EPA can convert to DHA in the body.

Some promise for acute anxiety reduction, but a rather high dose.

If you want to know what supplements to take for Anxiety...

Anxiety Supplement Guide