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Addiction Overview:

Compounds that show some degree of promise or otherwise are shown to aid in addiction, either as a stop smoking aid or more general with drugs of abuse. Nicotine is not included in this list despite currently being used as an anti-smoking aid.It should be noted that possible anti-addictive effects from supplements are not universal, and that something that reduces alcohol addiction may not be effective against nicotine or cocaine addiction. The drugs tested will be mentioned when possible.

Suggested Supplements

Rhodiola Rosea

Dosage: 80mg

80mg is the estimated dose for a 150lb person, extrapolated from the rodent studies on the subject matter. According to the preliminary evidence, rhodiola ingestion either during nicotine usage or when rhodiola was started after nicotine cessation abolished the alterations seen in physical effects of nicotine withdrawal (and greatly suppressed anxiety).

7-Keto DHEA

Dosage: 9mg

9mg/kg bodyweight of 7-keto DHEA is the dose equivalent for humans of that used in rats (56mg/kg) where supplementation greatly reduced alcohol intake in rats conditioned to like alcohol ingestion. 7-Keto may have a role in alcoholism due to the neurosteroids it influences, although more research is required and perhaps investigation into other drugs of abuse


Dosage: 6.4-12.8

The dosage is honestly a shot in the dark (educated guess sounds better). The vast majority of studies using injections of agmatine and there isn't enough evidence to accurately calculate an oral dose from this, but some limited studies using oral intake noted a bell curve effect with maximal efficacy at 40-80mg/kg in rats, which correlates to the given dosage above.

This is, for a 150lb person, 435-870mg.

Agmatine is currently noted to greatly help with addictive behaviour and withdrawal in research animals who were previously subject to opioidergic drugs (morphine or oxycodone) and alcohol, and some limited evidence suggests that the ability of nicotine to become more addictive over time can be prevented with coingested agmatine.


Dosage: 2g

D-Serine (this information also applies to sarcosine) is able to reduce the symptoms of cocaine addiction while it has been demonstrated to be ineffective against sucrose preference. It is thought that the increased dopaminergic signalling from cocaine causes a relative inactivity of some excitatory receptors known as NMDA receptors, and D-serine enhances their function and may normalize the hypoactivity.


Dosage: 2,400

2,400mg over the course of one day (either 600mg every six hours or 1,200mg twice daily) appears to be a dosage that has small but general anti-addictive effects. In humans, it has reduced symptoms of addiction (during usage) or cravings (during withdrawal) against cocaine, marijuna, and nicotine.

If you want to know what supplements to take for Addiction...

Get the Supplement Guides Now