Studies related to Dysmenorrhea and Vitamin E

A Randomised Controlled Trial Of Vitamin E In The Treatment Of Primary Dysmenorrhoea

Effect Decrease
Trial Design Double blind
Trial Length 1-2 Weeks
Number of Subjects 278
Sex Female
Age Range 13-17
Notes for this study:
Girls aged 15-17 in secondary school in Tehran, Iran with primary dysmenorrhea were treated with 200IU vitamin E twice daily from two days before to three days after the onset of menstruation for four months. Compared to the placebo group, pain score via a visual analogue scale was decreased at 2 months (3 vs. 5) and 4 months (0.5 vs. 6). Duration of pain (in hours) was also reduced at two months (4.2 vs. 15.4) and four months (1.6 vs. 16.7) as was ibuprofen use in subjects (4.3% vs. 89.4% of subjects used it). Pictorial Blood Loss Assessment Chart (PBLAC) scores (to measure amount of menstrual flow) were also reduced at 2 months (54 vs. 70) and 4 months (46 vs. 70). All scores listed are vitamin E vs. placebo, and all differences were statistically significant at p < 0.001.

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