Studies related to Breath Hydrogen and Lactase enzyme

Effects Of Exogenous Lactase Administration On Hydrogen Breath Excretion And Intestinal Symptoms In Patients Presenting Lactose Malabsorption And Intolerance

Effect Decrease
Values 21.88% became negative with a reduction of 74.95 PPM to 7.85. 17.71% saw a reduction with levels changing from 187.7 to 66.64, and 60.41% saw no effect, with levels increasing from 81.6 to 94.43
Trial Design Non-controlled trial
Trial Length 24 hours
Number of Subjects 96
Sex Both Genders
Notes for this study:
In an uncontrolled trial, 96 people with lactose intolerance underwent a 25 g lactose challenge and breath hydrogen test at baseline and then with 15000 Units of an acid-resistant beta-galactosidase (tilactase) simultaneously with 25 grams of lactose a minimum of 8 days later.

The supplement caused 21.88% of the participants to became negative (group A) for breath hydrogen, 17.71% saw a notable reduction (group B), and 60.41% didn't see an effect (group C).

Interestingly, group C saw a notable, statistically significant reduction in abdominal pain, while group A saw a smaller, nonsignificant reduction, and group B didn't see a reduction. Groups A and C saw statistically significant reductions in bloating, but not group B. Group B saw a statistically significant decrease in nausea, while the other groups saw nonsignificant reductions (nausea wasn't very severe), and groups B and C saw significant reductions in diarrhea, while the reduction in group A was nonsignificant, though the baseline was lower than for B and C.

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